The ways of faith around the world:

If you travel around the word, you will find a diversity of faiths and beliefs. Your host has seen hundreds of faiths and paths of belief. In my youth, I quickly found that some seemed strange and unusual because they did not fit within my paradigm. But in my travels, I have found one thing that most of them share. These diverse people, no matter the followings, customs or dogma, have a deep rooted faith in what they believe. And for this... this section of Ancient Pathway exists.

You will find that as you travel though this site and specifically this section, the author (TheAncient) attempts to carry a non-bias attitude.  When it comes to faith and belief, it is a very powerful event.  As a logical, intelligent human being, it may be difficult for a person to understand that a head of lettuce or plate of pasta could be God to a person.  But when you step outside of the situation and take a look, it may be just as hard for another to believe in an all seeing, all powerful force that allows the horrors of the modern world to happen, or the stories of a 100+ year old man that built an ark and had a severe animal fetish. 

When you have faith, it is easy to overlook minor things that are simply not, by modern logical minds, possible.  The Bible itself is riddled with controversy that, to intelligent beings, seem foolish.  But the Christian faith in that book allows them to look past those issues.   The same with the pagan followings which believe in otherworldly creatures that dance and frolic about  us at all times.   Listening to the arguments of these two followings is worthy of a late night television comedy as each side demands proof from the other only to receive the same response from one another ... "have faith!"

The Correct Path:

I have been asked many times what i think the "right path" is. There is no answer to that. As i have spoken wtih people, each one was very sure of theirselves and the following that they belive. But it still comes down to we can't all be right.** But we do have to make our own choices and tolerate the choices of other. Even though some faiths may seem a bit strange, you should still take the time to get to know the faith before you ridicule. Within each, there is at the very least a spark of truth. And it will not be till our lives have passed that we know for sure.

Even the statement "we can't all be right" could be incorrect. Science suggests that there may be a multitude of dimensions around us at all times which we simply cannot see. So it is possible that everyone is correct and our heavens or hells are created by us for use in the afterlife.  To my memory, I do not think that this idea has ever been posed.  But I offer it to you.

The Challenge:

How many times have you been invited to visit anothers' church? Did you do it? Sometimes, strangers will come to you, but more often, it is a friend or relative that makes the invitation. Most of us will simply dismiss this invitation with a half hearted excuse.

My challenge to you is that the next time you are invited, attend the service and enjoy the diversity. If you are a resident of the Memphis or surrounding area, you are more than welcome to visit the contact page of Ancient Pathway and give us the address of your place of worship. We are always looking for new experiences.

And the next time you are offered a chance to 'break bread' with your friends or even a stranger, give it a try.  You may find that though you do not share the belief, you may make some interesting friends.  And if you happen to visit a church of Pastafarianism, you will get one heck of a meal.