As is probably obvious by the rest of the Ancient Pathway site, The Ancient (Christopher Klein) is not a Christian, but I was brought up to the age of 14 in Baptist household. Additionally, I have studied most of the Christian faiths through my adult life.  I just don't have the ability to believe in an all-encompassing spiritual being that is guiding my life on a pre-destined path.   I do not argue the point and believe that we all must have faith in those things that take the self to the path of enlightenment.

Christianity defined:

Christianity is a religion based on the historical person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and the beliefs or practices that accompany this person.

Misconceptions of Christianity

The following of Christianity is based on the "Holy Bible".   However, one of the major issues with the modern incarnation of the Christian Church is the Bible in of itself.   As Christianity by definition is based on Jesus of Nazareth, this means that the birth of Jesus is the beginning of the story.   This happens in the book of Matthew in the Holy Bible.  Much of what is taught today as doctrine of faith comes from the old testament, prior to the birth of Jesus.   This includes the 10 commandments, then church's standing on homosexuality (which is not once spoken about by Jesus Christ), using of cloven beasts for food or even wearing of garments made of different sorts. 

Another problem that exists within Christianity as a whole is that Christians, as a rule, believe that their way is the only way to salvation.   The problem comes into play when we realize that there are, quite literally, hundreds of Christian denominations, all with the belief that they are the only way to heaven.   You can be Catholic, Evangelical, Methodist, Baptist or any number of other followings, each with a set of rules, with no basis in doctrine, that you must follow to be saved.  Some of these followings, just as the Seventh-day-Adventist, are quite strict, while following such as Catholicism are quickly changing to meet modern times.

There is a lot more to be said on this subject and additional information will be added as time permits.