General Beliefs

Faith, religion and belief systems are an amazing thing.   These systems are all based on the perspective of the person that holds that belief or faith.  There are some basic truths about all faiths.


When we speak of the origin of a belief, faith or system, this means that first documented information on the subject.  That does not mean that this information did not exist before this documentation, only that the belief or faith began to gain a foothold at that time.


When it comes to the existence of Gods, Goddesses or supreme powers, there are several trains of thought.   That there is no God or supreme being, A single God that watches over us, a Single god that ignores us, Multiple Gods that act in tandem or a supreme power that is not a god, but a force of the universe.


Afterlife is what happens to us when we die.  With some faiths, we simply cease to exists, and therefore, emphasis is put on the current life and what you can do in the here and now.   By contrast, some believe that we will be held accountable for our sins and great works in this lifetime and be sent to Heaven or Hell. There is also some belief that Purgatory exists, a place for us to "wash away" our actions in this life.   Still others believe that we are in a state of flux, attempting to rise through a evolutionary staircase through evolution until we gain enlightenment.

Sacred Texts

The sacred texts of a given following are those tomes that have been accepted as fact by the given following.   One of the most famous is the "Holy Bible" which is used by the Christian followings.   Tomes are still being created today that modify or change the sacred texts of the past, or even create new paradigms in faith.

A Final Word

Ideas are a good thing.  To question the world around you can help to lead you to enlightenment.   When a person or group of people set their minds on a path that is unable to change, this creates a world in which a small group is right and everyone else is wrong.  This is often done without proof of any kind and based on the perspective of that person or group.  When you close your mind to the ideas of both the past and the future, you close your immortal soul to the truth.  Always keep an open mind.