The information provided on this site and within this section is provided as opinion, based on the education and observations of Christopher Klein (TheAncient) and is offered as just that, an opinion.   You can ask 10 different people what a Pagan is, and you will receive 10 different answers.   The information provided here is my opinion and you have the ability to agree, disagree or ignore.   The point is that you must make up your own mind and come to your own conclusions based on your experiences.

What is a Pagan?

In the most strict definition, Paganism is not a religion or structured faith.   Pagan simply means "rustic" or "country dweller".   These are people that, in most cases, live outside the confines of society.  These could be mountain dwellers, country dwellers, farmers or herders.  They may have HEX signs on their homes as do the Amish, or they may have numerous gods throughout their homes for protection, happiness and fertility.

The point is that Pagan in the modern world has become a catch-all term that refers to any person or set of people that live outside of the modern representation of organized, Christian based faiths.  These followers of the Pagan Path may be Wiccan, Druid, Icean (Follwers of Isis) or even those that practice the ways of VooDoo.    What is important to remember is that these are simply lables that we assign to ourselves and those around us.  

Are you a Pagan?

This is a quesiton that only you can answer, or answered by those that will judge you.   Does it matter if you are a Pagan?  Does it matter that you are not?   If you are living your life in a happy way and find yourself wanting for little, then a lable or title does not matter.   If you choose to put on your wall, an image of PAN or the Green Man and you feel that this makes you a Pagan, then that is what you are.   If, by contrast, you are drawn to Christianity, but still feel the need to dance around a fire during a new moon, and you feel that this is a Pagan ritual, then again, you are a Pagan by your own choice.

However, if you have icons of Isis and Ra, Osirus and Annubus though your home, and are not comfortable with the term, then you are not a Pagan.

Only you can decide.

~The Ancient