There are many ways to celebrate the way of the Pagan or Wiccan Faith. With these faiths, there is not a "right" way of doing things. You have to go with your heart. The information that is provided here his a reference only. In most cases, the origins and reasons are given, but feel free to use these rituals and customize them to your self or your friends. 

  You can dance for harvest or dance for fun, dance to celebrate the joys of the world around you or in mourning of those past. The most important thing...
is that you dance!
~Christopher Klein (TheAncient) 2007

Celebrations are a form of fellowship with those that you love and care about. They can become very important to bring together people that in many cases, have not seen one another in a long time. But you do not need a reason to celebrate. Though there are some given "holidays", sometimes, you need to celebrate for no other reason than communion.

When possible, we will give you different points of view of the different celebrations though-out the year

Sabbat {Greek: Sabatu - to rest}

The Pagan/Wiccan holidays, called Sabbats, are seasonal celebrations representing birth, death and rebirth. These celebrations are a means to attune the physical human mind, body and spirit with the flow of natures' energy and the essence of the God force. It is a bonding, a time to recognize the aspects of the season within yourself. "To become one with nature" is a common metaphor for the overall purpose and intent of these holidays.
Wiccans believe that by joining forces with the natural forces around us, we bring harmony, balance and order to our physical existence. These are necessary aspects of life for positive change and to create an atmosphere for spiritual learning and growth. The only problem with the Sabbats is they are based on the calendar for the Northern Hemisphere. If the original intent of the Sabbats is to create a union for a harmonious flow of energy, then the dates we've become accustomed to would be at odds with practicing Witches in the Southern Hemisphere. Let's take Beltane as an example. Beltane is the last of the spring fertility Sabbats, and is commonly celebrated on May 5th. But if you're a practicing Witch in Australia, May is not the season for spring. Conducting rituals and ceremonies to create a flow of harmonious energy at a time when your ritual is at odds with the season you're in, can create discord rather than a natural flow. Rather than rely on the common calendar dates for celebrating your Sabbats, you should adjust the following dates to coincide with your hemispheres seasonal changes.

There are eight Sabbats observed during the Pagan calendar. All Sabbat ceremonies begin at sundown on the eve of the dates given and continue to sunset (on the actual day of the festival). You might want to start carrying a special calendar around with you to mark the moon phases and holidays for the year. Give yourself enough time to go shopping for any supplies you might want to use during your festival rituals.