The Way of the Moon

The pale moon can help you or hinder your work, depending on what you are trying to do.   Creations spells which are done under a full moon may backfire, while destructive or banishing spells performed under a new moon may do the same.  In the ways of magick, it is important that you remain "moon-minded" when planning your rites or actions.

Most people know about the NEW moon and about the FULL moon.  These are times of magick in general as the Great Moon shines down upon us all.  When the moon goes into a state of fullness, people and animals can react to her.  But there are other moons too.

The Moons of Myth

The Full Moon:

The full moon is one of the most famous states of the pale lady.   The full moon has been linked to mental illness, werewolves, accidents, crime, suicide, fertility and many other aspects of both the human and natural conditions around the world.    When people are acting strange, it is not uncommon to hear someone say "There must be a full moon".   Many studies have been done throughout history on the effects of the full moon on both the human and animal kingdoms, but still, we remain in the dark - all pun intended.

From a magickal point of view, the moon in her full state is a time of power, strength and love.  This is a time of intuition and production.   Enhancements of fertility, general magick use, dreams, meditation beauty, money, psychic abilities and matter of the home are done during this phase of the moon.   In this time of power, this is a time of major workings.

The moon in her full phase is the time of Anu, Isis, Freya, Lunda, Hera, Frigg and Morrigan.

The New Moon:

The new moon or dark moon as it may be called is the time when the moon is hidden because it lay directly between the Earth and the sun. 

This is the magickal time for new undertakings or beginnings. New growth, beginning or renewing and regeneration all have a place within the new moon.   Transitions such as breaking a bad habit or getting medical treatments are enhanced by this phase of the moon.  This is the time to set your new goals and renew your old goals.

The Blue Moon:

There is a lot of confusion about what a "Blue Moon" actually is.   But the best description is that a blue moon is a time when the FULL moon appears a second time in a given calendar month.

The significance of the Blue Moon is the rarity of the occurrence.   This gives you an extra, and some say more powerful, chance to use the powers of the full moon.   It is said that the blue moon enhances all the abilities of the full moon.

The Black Moon:

The black moon is the NEW moon version of the blue moon. That is the second new moon within the same calendar month.   As with the blue moon, the rarity of the occurrence is said to enhance the effects of the new moon.

The Wolf Moon:

Wolf moon is the name given to the full moon of the month of January.   The myth says that this moon is so named because the hungry wolf packs would howl hungrily outside early Indian villages as their food sources dwindled facing the onslaught of winter.    The wolf moon is sometimes referred to as "Old Moon"

The Snow Moon:

The Snow Moon is the first full moon of the month of February.   This moon was named by native American tribes because this month is usually seen as the one with the heaviest snowfall.

The Worm Moon: (Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon)

Temperatures in the month of March bring worms to the surface as the ground begins to thaw. When this happens, the Robins also return.   This moon signifies the end of Winter.  This is also the time of tapping early maple trees.

The Pink Moon: (Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Sprouting Moon)

The month of April brings us the Pink Moon.   This was named because of the moss "pink" or wild ground phlox, a wide-spread flower of spring that can take over an area during the month of April.

The Flower Moon: (Milk Moon, Planting Moon)

The flower moon is the moon for the month of May.   This is so named due to the abundance of flowers in most areas.

The Strawberry Moon: (Rose Moon)

During the month of June, there is a very short harvest period for strawberries, giving us the Strawberry Moon.

The Buck Moon: (Thunder Moon, Hay Moon)

The month of July brings us the Buck moon.   Named for the antlers of buck deer that push out during this time.

The Sturgeon Moon: (Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon)

During the month of August, the Sturgeon fish migrate and make for very good fishing and netting by fishing tribes near the great lakes and other major bodies of water.

The Harvest Moon: (Corn Moon)

The month of September brings the corn harvest and in early America, tribes could be seen harvesting corn under the bright light of the full harvest moon.

The Hunter's Moon (Blood Moon, Sanguine Moon)

October is the time of the hunter / gatherer.   The early tribes would trudge out to store up meat and game for the long winter ahead.   This time of year was good for hunting because the fields had been reaped and it made it easy to see prey such as the fox.

The Beaver Moon (Frosty Moon)

November is the time to set the beaver traps before swamps and small stream froze over.  This trapping would ensure a supply of warm winter beaver furs.   This is also the time that beaver are most active as they prepare for the winter ahead.

The Cold Moon (Long Nights Moon)

December brings the cold moon as she looks down upon the frozen Earth.   The winter cold tightens her grip and the nights are at their longest and darkest of the year.