Correspondence is the way that one thing relates to another. On the pages here, you will find this information to assist you in your magickal workings. We already represent certain colors with different things. We know that love can be represented by reds, money by greens and purity by white.

Though the use of this information, you will find how planetary events, color selections, lunar phases, and many other things can effect you in your day to day life and your magickal work.

Understanding relationship and correspondence

As a new or old witch, it can be very frustrating when what you are trying to do simply fails.  And when you find out that you were making the most basic of errors, this can be even more frustrating.  
Many people feel that practicing under a full moon is wonderful.  The silver light running though your sacred space, you are able to see everything, and the nights are cloudless and beautiful. 
However, if the spells and rituals that you are performing are those that give you enlightenment or "deep hidden knowledge", you will find out very quickly that you will be unsuccessful.  These things are best left to  the new moon.  If you are working toward fertility or personal growth, you will quickly succeed.  

The right time, the right moon and facing the right direction are many times the keys of success or failure.