Lunar Correspondence

Lunar correspondence is the part that the moon will play in your magickal workings. You have to know the effects of the phases of the moon and how they will react with you, your work and those around you. 

WARNING:  I have added this due to the recent developments in the entertainment market.  Moon-Work is a wonderful form of magick, however, do not PLAY with the world of transmogrification.   No one CHOOSES to be a lycan in any of their forms whether it be werewolf, shapeshifter or other were-creatures.  The draw to the power of the therianthropy (shapeshifting into animal form) may seem like it is filled with advantages, but there are the same disadvantages as there are with vampirism (legend and lore).  The main disadvantage is that you WILL be hunted even if it is assumed that you have succeeded.  And secrets like that are very difficult to keep.

Lunar Table

Moon Phase Known As Color Rules Associated Deities
New Moon "The White Raiser" Silver Beginnings, Birth, Hunting, Initiation, Virginity Aerope, An, Artemis, As-im-Babbar , Bride, Brigid , Brigit, Caenis, Chrysaor, Clotho, Elate, Elektra, Hilal, Isis, Kotharat, Linda, Maiden, Maryam, Nimuƫ, Theope
Waxing Moon White
Attractions, Beginnings, Birth, Growth, Ideas, Love, Positive/Constructive Change Artemis, Diana, Epona, The Maiden, Neith
Full Moon "The Red Reaper" Red, Green Fertility, Fulfillment, Growth, Illumination, Light, Love, Maturation, Nurturing, Power, Psychic Ability, Sexuality, Transformation Artemis, Astarte, Calliope, Cameira, Diana, Europa,, Father Nanna, Hathor, Iphigenia, Isis, Juno, Larchesis, Mari, Mariamne, Mother, Mounykhia, Nemesis, Nymph, Olymene, Pammon, Pasiphaƫ, Phoebe, Praxithea, Rhode, Selene
Waning Moon "The Dark Winnower of Grain" Black Banishment, Death and Resurrection, Deep Secrets, Divination, Endings, Intuition, Old Age, Post-menopausal Women, Prophecy, Release, Reversal of Fortune, The Power of Healing, Wisdom Anna, Annis, Apemosyne, Astarte, Atropos, Bentheslcyme, Chrysothemis, Crone, Ebule, Europa, Hecate, Hekate, The Hesperides, Ialysa, Lebanah, Levanah, Ninja