Divination is your path to the future and the answers from your past. Sometimes, it will take looking backwards to move forward. Here you will find different methods and techniques to do just that. We at Ancient Pathway do not say that we believe for disbelieve in any or all of these methods and they are provided simply for your enjoyment.

06/25/2017 - Ancient Pathway has started the alternate divination project which will offer some insight into the more unusual and interesting forms of divination.   If you would like to see this project, please check out the "Other Divination" under the section navigation to the left. 

The Ways of Fortune Telling

There are many different ways of fortune telling. Some of them are very well known such as Tarot or Astrology, some are a bit more strange, like the use of the entrails of dead animals to figure out what is going to happen next. Here at Ancient Pathway, we have looked into many of them and you will find that information in these pages.