The I-Ching

6/25/2017: At this time, Ancient Pathway only offers the basics of the I-Ching. We are currently developing this section of the site as well as a comprehensive computer program to teach and use the I-Ching.


The world of change and opposite polarity

The I-Ching is one of the oldest known documents and systems in the world.   This technique can be traced by as far as 3000 years in the written form and there have been Chinese claims that state that the I-Ching was passed orally for at least two thousand years before that.

One thing that sets the I-Ching apart from other forms of divination, is the usability of the I-Ching.   The I-Ching will communicate with anyone that chooses to use it unlike some forms of divination that require a level of control, mental ablity or psychic ability.  You do not have to be a seer or a diviner to gain access to the world of wealth stored within the I-Ching.  One common myth is that the I-Ching is a fortune telling divination, which is untrue.  This oracle is concerned only with the present - YOUR present as the user of the oracle.   The purpose of the I-Ching is to remove the clouds from a situation and allow you to see a 360 degree view well beyond the realm of the five senses.   The I-Ching allows you to see beyond your obsessions and desires and into the root of the matter.  If you are obsessed or fixated on lust, the I-Ching may offer you a gentle nudge saying "That is all well and good, but have you considered...."

One of the greatest secrets of the accuracy of the I-Ching is the division in 64 sections that can represent any situations in life that one may find oneself in and that every one of these sections can change into any one of the other 63.  This is how the I-Ching translates to the word "Change".

A Basic Understanding

To being to understand the I-Ching, you must first begin to understand the illumination of the principlese of the Tao or the universal flow that permeates all beings and underlies all actions.  In the material world, these principles are measured by the YIN and the YANG, polar opposites.  To understand the polar opposite effect, you can use the following table:

Yin Yang Yin Yang
Negative Positive Shadow Radiance
Zero One Empty Filling
Tails Heads Moon Sun
Passive Aggressive Valley Summit
Female Male Nadir Zenith
Receptive Creative Introverted Extroverted
Dark Light Reactive Active
Night Day Backward Forward
Cold Hot Decending Ascending
Soft Hard Intuitive Reasoning
Wet Dry Unconscious Conscious
Winter Summer Depths Heights

As you can see from this example, most things in nature and thought havea direct or polar opposite.  Physical items, spiritual beliefs and even emotional states all conform this this way of thinking, and as such, all fall within the aspects of "Change"

Ancient Pathway is working with the Programming group of Triumph Media to author an I-Ching training program and divination tool. Check back often to see our progress.