Astral Travel

Forms of Astral Energy Working

There are two forms of Astral energy work, Astral Travel and Astral projection. Both of these workings engage an astral vehicle in the form of an energy matrix.

In Astral Travel, the astral vehicle has the ability to travel through and across the physical locations of known places, as well as through the astral plane, a sub-dimension of the human experience. Travel through the astral plane offers the traveler the ability to explore physical and alternate dimensional space in real time.

By contrast, astral projection is a method by which you transmit your astral vehicle to another physical location where it is visible to others. This is a much harder technique to master and may take decades to have any level of success. The projected vehicle is visible, but cannot interact with the non-astral world.

In either case, the most usual reason for astral methods are for discovery. Once you have mastered either or both techniques, you can travel to any place you desire. Since the astral vehicle, which is described by most as a sphere or cloud like manifestation, does not require air, food, water or any other life support, the vehicle can travel to any point on earth, sea, space or dimension.

Method of Astral Energy Work

The same methods are used for both travel and projection. The only difference is how you transmit the created vehicle. When you get to the step of creating the vehicle, you either enter the vehicle directly above you or in your chosen location.

Prepare the time of day:

The first step in astral energy work is to prepare the self. It is important to choose a time of day to operate in for your works. Though astral energy work can be done at any time of day, the best times are first thing in the morning or just before you go to bed. You should operate your energy work at the same time of day each time to acclimate the body, mind and spirit to the process. The advantages of morning operations are the morning state of relaxation mixed with heightened awareness near dawn. At the same time, evening operations offers the advantage of higher reasoning skills and the level of tiredness during that time.

Prepare the atmosphere:

Astral Energy use requires a state of deep relaxation. As such, the method should be performed in an area of your home where you are completely comfortable. The area you choose should be one that promotes comfort.
You can use astral energy from a sitting or laying position, whichever offers you more physical and mental comfort.
Creation of the astral vehicle is easiest when there are no external sources of distraction. If you sleep with a partner, it is best to choose a room in which you will be left alone. You should also remove external distractions such as noise and light. Cover the windows or draw the shades and close any doors. Make sure you turn off your phone.
Position yourself within the room and close your eyes, clearing your mind of any distracting thoughts. If you are unfamiliar with basic meditation techniques, it would be a good idea to learn the basics before you begin. Concentrate on the body and how it feels. Explore the entire body with your mind from head to toe, relaxing each area as you go.

Flex your muscles and loosen them, starting with your toes and working your way up your body until you make your way to your head. Make sure that every muscle is relaxed when you are through.
During this process, practice deep breathing techniques. Inhale and exhale completely and do not hold tension in your chest or shoulders. Keep your mind focused on your breathing and ignore any outside thoughts, allowing yourself to sink into a state of deep relaxation.

Moving the spirit from the body

The hypnagogic state is a form of self-hypnosis which is required for astral energy work. This is a state where the body and mind approaches sleep, but does not lose consciousness. This is the edge of being asleep and awake which is sometimes called “twilight sleep”. To reach this state, you can follow this procedure:
Keeping your eyes closed, allow your mind to wander to a specific part of your body, such as your foot, a hand or a single finger. Focus on this part of the body until you can visualize it perfectly, even with your eyes closed. Continue to focus until all other thoughts fall away.

Using only your mind, flex this body part, but do not physically move it. Visualize the body part curling and uncurling until it seems as though it is physically moving.

Broaden your focus until you encompass the rest of your body. Move your legs, arms and head, fingers and toes, using only your mind. Keep your focus steady until you are able to move your entire body within your mind alone.
The state of vibration is a situation where many people report feeling vibrations which come at different frequencies as the soul prepares to leave the body. This can be a bit scary until you have adjusted to the feeling. The fear may actually force you out of a meditative state. Just allow yourself to succumb to the vibrations as your spirit prepares for separation from the body.

Once you have reached this state of vibration, the next step is to move the astral self (spirit) from the physical body.
Above your body, visualize an orb of color. Concentrate deeply and slowly move the astral self into the orb, this is your astral vehicle. This orb will slowly conform to your self-image of your physical body. Move this astral self around the room, turn and look at your body left behind where you started.

You have gained an out of body experience when you successfully view yourself from across the room. This state takes many tries and a lot of time to master. This state of separation can cause a lot of fear. It is not uncommon for the astral self to “snap back” into the body once you realize what is happening. Keep practicing until you can leave the body and maintain the astral state.

NOTE: At this point, you may be able to observe the mythological “silver strand” that links your astral vehicle to the Solar Plexus Chakra which is about an inch above the naval. This strand is an ever expanding link between your astral self and the physical self and will follow you no matter the distance you travel.
When you are ready to return to your body, your astral self will move “with the speed of thought”. Simply think that you want to return, and you will find yourself in your body. This re-entry can be a bit shocking, and takes a few tries to get used to.


Once you have mastered the technique of leaving your body and exploring your direct surrounding, make sure that you are actually in an astral state. Take note of different things in the room, and then verify them once you are back in the physical self. When you have verified that you are actually reaching an astral state instead of a dream state, you are ready to explore the universe.

Start with places that you know. Visit places that you are familiar with and/or comfortable with. Expand to areas surrounding these places. When you are comfortable with places that you know, and the surrounding areas, then the fun begins.

When you are comfortable with traveling to places that you are familiar with, you can expand your exploration to other areas. The astral vehicle moves at the speed of thought, so time is not a consideration. 10 feet or one million miles take the same amount of time to travel. Since the astral vehicle does not require food, water or air you can travel even though space. You can explore the moon, the surface of the sun or galaxies that are light years away.

NOTE: The ability to travel across space takes a very long time to master. The inherit fear of such travels can impede your abilities. The easiest way to overcome these types of fears is to travel to places on earth that are physically formidable such as the depths of the ocean or standing on the rim of an active volcano.