Candle magick

Of Wax and Flame

Know your candles

How do you use a candle? Okay, we all know that you light one end to illuminate a small area. But you can also change your mood, you attitude or other things around you simply by using the proper colors or annointing with the proper oils.

You would be very surprise how many people will do this by instinct. Think of a romantic dinner for two, what color candles would you choose? Or if you are hoping, dreaming and praying for money, most people will go right for a green candle. We already know how to do this, we just need focus. 

Candle magicks can be amazing.  The fire and flame can bring focus and balance.  When practicing candle magicks bewarre of your surroundings and your correspondence for the best results.

The Basics of Candle Magick

Candle magick has been around for centuries. It has been traced back as far at the Palaeolithic era. Candle magick is one of the most powerful forms of sympathetic magicks.

When you are going to perform candle magicks, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. The most important, is to hold true to the Wiccan Rede "An harm ye none, do as thee will". You should also consider the reprocussions of your actions, not only to yourself and your target, but even the world around you.

Most candle magick is performed in a way that you must do the same thing, day after day for a period of days. You want to make sure that you have a place that you can do this, and the ability to complete each required part of the ritual. Failure to do so can have dire results. The area you choose should allow you to concentrate in solitude, places with television, radio or other background noise are not recommended because you will be distracted. And you must make sure, especially if you are going to be doing a long ritual, that you have the time to spend with the candles. Lit candles should never be left unattended as there is a risk of fire.

Preparing for Candle Magick

Your Alter:

If you do not have an alter, anything flat with a natural surface will do. I have used stone, wood and metal. I prefer wood for my own workings. You should cover your alter with the appropriate color alter cloth for the work to be performed. If you are unsure of this color, you may consult our color chart . All of your tools for you alter, such as your candlesticks of censors should be kept very simplistic for candle magicks.


Many belive that insence is not required for candle magick. And there are many books that will point this out also. Personally, I disagree with this comment and always use an insence appropriate to the work that I am doing. This choice will be up to you.

Prepare Yourself:

Preparation of the body and mind is very important. If you are unable to focus, you are not going to be successful with your ritual. Before you begin, take a nice long hot bath. Place candles in the room to subdue the lighting while you bath, and toss a handful or two of relaxing bath salts in with you. Close your eyes and feel the water pass over you and imagine it passing though you. As it passes though you, picture it takeing you negativity away from you. Clear all the junk from your mind until you are in a fully relaxed State.

About the Candle:

You can use any type of candle for ritual, but you will find that some are more powerful than others. I have found that though a storebought candle will serve for the purpose of candle magick, bees wax candles hold a bit more power because they come directly from nature. Then at the top of the chain, are candles that are made yourself with a specific purpose in mind. If you make your own candles, you will empower them with your own energies during the creation process.

Cleanse and Consecrate:

You must clense and consecrate any tool that you use in your magicks. When you cleanse something, you remove any negative energies that this tool, or in this case the candle has picked up along the way. The easiest way to do this is with Salt. Plunge the candle deep into a bowl of sea salt and use your favorite blessing to the God and Goddess.

To Dress the candle:

The final step of preparation is to dress the candle. You annoint the candle with an oil that is important to what you are trying to do. Essential oils can be very expensive, but you only have to use a small amount. Keep in mind when using your oils; if you are trying to draw something to you, annoint with oil from the top to the middle and then the bottom to the middle of the candle. If you are trying to repel something, annoint from the middle to the top, then the middle to the bottom.

Use the Ancient Pathway Color chart to determine not only the color of your alter cloth, but the color of the candle that you are going to use.

WHITE Purity, peace, spirituality, a substitute for any other colour
RED Health, energy, strength, courage, sexuality
PINK Love, romance, affection, friendships
YELLOW Intellect, creative imagination, memory, communication, mental awareness
GREEN Luck, abundance, fertility, harmony
BLUE Healing, truth, inspiration, wisdom, occult power, psychic protection, health, understanding
PURPLE Financial affairs, psychic ability, idealism, spiritual power
GOLD Attracts positive influences, career, justice, male energies
SILVER Astral energies, clairvoyance, far memory, past lives, female energies
ORANGE Property, justice, selling, general success
BROWN Animals, earth magick, saving money
BLACK Binding, releasing, breaking negative energies