Herbology B

Name Basic Magical Associations
Bachelor Buttons love
Baking Soda/Powder raising energy or expectations
Balm of Gilead love, protection, healing, heal broken heart, calling spirits
Balm, Lemon love, success, healing
Bamboo wishes, protection, luck, hex-breaking
Banana fertility, prosperity, heroic energy
Banyan luck
Barberry healing
Barley healing, protection, love
Basil love, money, prosperity, protection, gambling, peace
Basil Thyme healing
Bay psychic powers, prophetic dreams, protection, wisdom, strength, healing, purification
Bay Laurel clairvoyance, wisdom, dreams
Beans divination, protection
Bedstraw love
Beech healing, wishes
Beef prosperity, grounding
Beets love, passion
Belladonna love, astral projection
Benzoin purification, protection, prosperity
Bergamot money, prosperity
Betony protection, purification, love, ward off nightmares
Bindweed healing, divination
Birch protection, exorcism, purification
Bird's-foot Trefoil calmness
Bistort psychic powers, fertility
Bitter Dock protection, healing
Bittersweet protection, healing
Black Birch healing, calmness
Black Locust healing
Black Mustard exorcism
Black Poplar healing
Blackberry protection, money, healing, meditation
Bladderwrack protection, sea & wind spells, psychic powers, money
Bleeding Heart love
Bloodroot love, protection, purification
Blue Flag money
Bluebell luck, truth
Blueberry protection, peace
Bodhi fertility, protection, wisdom, meditation
Boneset protection, exorcism, purification
Borage courage, psychic powers
Bouncing Bet cleansing, purification
Bracken healing, prophetic dreams, rain magick
Brazil Nut love
Bread kinship, sustenance
Broccoli strength, leadership, physical improvements
Bromeliad protection, money
Broom purification, protection, wind spells, divination
Brussel Sprouts endurance, tenacity, stability
Bryony protection
Buchu psychic powers, prophetic dreams
Buckeye protection, mental powers
Buckthorn protection, exorcism, wishes, legal matters
Buckwheat protection, money
Burdock protection, purification, honesty
Butter tenacity, smoothing relationships
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