Herbology C

Cabbage luck
Cacuts protection, chastity
Cake celebration, joyous occasions, hospitality
Calamus luck, healing, money, protection
Calendula psychic dreams, protection
California Poppy sleep
Camellia riches
Camphor chastity, health, divination, prophetic dreams
Caper potency, lust, luck
Caraway anti-theft, lust, protection, health, mental powers, physical energy
Cardamon lust, love, strengthen relationships
Carnation protection, healing, strength
Carob protection, health
Carrot fertility, lust, vision
Cascara legal matters, money, protection
Cashew money
Castor protection
Catnip cat magic, love, beauty, happiness, friendship, peace
Cattail love
Cauliflower lunar/water-related magics
Cayenne Pepper love, hex-breaking, strengthen spells
Cedar healing, purification, money, ward off nightmares, promote spirituality
Celandine protection, happiness, legal matters, escape entrapments, prophetic dreams
Celery mental powers, sleep, psychic powers, lust, grounding
Centaury snake removing
Chamomile money, sleep, love, purification, meditation, peace
Cheese joy, health, things coming to fruition
Cherry love, divination
Chestnut love
Chicken health, well-being, sunrise magic
Chickweed fertility, love
Chili Pepper fidelity, hex breaking, love
China Berry luck
Chives protection, breaking bad habits
Chocolate lifting emotions, love
Chrysanthemum longevity, ease, vigor, protection
Cinchona luck, protection
Cinnamon physical & spiritual healing, money, prosperity, protection, love, enhancing power
Cinquefoil protection, prophetic dreams, sleep, wisdom, prosperity, money, love, purification
Citron psychic powers, healing
Clary euphoria, calm, dreams
Cloth of Gold understanding animal languages
Clove dispel negative forces & gossip, piercing illusions, memory, purification, protection, exorcism, fun love, money
Clover protection, money, love, fidelity, exorcism, success
Club Moss protection, power
Coconut purification, protection, chastity, diversity, flexibility
Coffee energy, alertness, mental awareness
Cohosh, Black love, courage, protection, potency
Coltsfoot love, visions, peace
Columbine courage, love
Comfrey safety during travel, money, luck, protection, healing
Coneflower healing
Cookies maternal instincts, nurturing love
Copal love, purification, protection
Coriander love, health, healing, memory
Corn protection, luck, divination, cycles
Corn Syrup solidifying plans or ideas
Cornflower love
Cotton luck, healing, protection, rain, fishing magic
Cowslip healing, youth, treasure finding, love, dreams, aerie magick
Cranberry energy for security and protection
Crocus love, visions
Cubeb love
Cuckooflower fertility, love
Cucumber chastity, healing, fertility
Culver's Root purification
Cumin protection, fidelity, exorcism
Cup Plant purification
Curry protection
Cyclamen fertility, protection, happiness, lust
Cypress longevity, healing, comfort, protection, consecration
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