Herbology G

Galangal protection, lust, health, money, psychic powers, hex breaking
Garden Heliotrope clairvoyance, meditation, protection physical harm
Gardenia love, peace, healing, spirituality
Garlic protection, healing, lust, anti-theft, exorcism, purification, hex-breaking
Gentian love, power
Geranium fertility, health, love, protection
German Chamomile sleep
Ginger love, money, success, strengthen power of magickal works, vibrant energy, healing
Ginseng love, wishes, healing, beauty, protection, lust, guard health, money
Goat's Rue healing, health
Golden Seal healing, money
Goldenrod money, divination
Gorse protection, money
Gotu Kola meditation
Gourd protection
Grain protection
Grains of Paradise love, luck, wishes
Grape fertility, garden magic, mental powers, money, dreams/visions
Grapefruit purification, health
Grass psychic powers, protection
Gravy smooth transitions, consistency, uniformity
Ground Ivy divination
Groundsel health, healing
Guava romance, fantasy, relieving sorrow
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