Herbology L

Lady's Mantel love, spirituality
Lady's Slipper protection
Lamb sensitivity, kindness, warmth
Larch protection, anti-theft
Larkspur health, protection
Lavender love, protection, sleep, purification, healing, peace, chastity, longevity, happiness, spiritual vision, comfort
Leek love, protection, exorcism
Lemon longevity, purification, love, fidelity, friendships, lust
Lemon Balm love, psychic, happiness, peace, money, purification
Lemon Grass repel snakes, lust, psychic powers
Lemon Verbena dream protection, purification, love
Lesser Periwinkle protection, ward off evil spirits
Lettuce chastity, protection, love, divination, sleep, financial magics, peace
Licorice love, lust, fidelity
Life-everlasting everlasting longevity, health, healing
Lilac love, protection, exorcism
Lily of the Valley mental powers, happiness
Lime healing, love, protection, purification
Linden immortality, protection, luck, sleep
Liquidamber protection
Live-forever health, anti-lightning
Liverwort love, protection
Loosestrife peace, protection
Lotus protection, lock openings
Lovage love, purification
Love Seed love, friendship, kinship
Lucky Hand (root of orchid plant) employment, luck, protection, money, travel, general success
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