Herbology T

Tamarind love
Tamarisk exorcism, protection
Tansy health, longevity, love
Tarragon ease fatigue
Tea riches, courage, strength, insight, meditation
Thistle strength, protection, hex breaking, healing
Thistle/holy purification, hex breaking
Thistle/milk snake enraging
Thyme health, healing, sleep, psychic powers, love, purification, courage, ward off nightmares
Ti protection, healing
Toadstool rain making, protection, luck, riches, eternal youth, health, exorcism
Tobacco healing, purification
Tomato prosperity, protection, attract love
Tonka Beans love
Tulip declaration of love, harmony, beauty, purification
Turkey colorful displays, holiday feasts, family gatherings
Tumeric purification
Turnip protection, ending relationships
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