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Greetings and welcome to the new and improved Ancient Pathway.  We have listened to the input from our clients and visitors and added a massive amount of content to the page.   Currently, the site is about 70% operation and you will find that previously empty content is now filled.  We are still working on several sections for content and we are aware that there are some spelling and grammar errors which we are address.   We have changed our online shop format to new software and are currently "scrubbing" about 8500 items to add to the database with many more to follow.  If you are looking for something special, please email sales@ancientpathway.com and we will be more than happy to find what you are looking for.

We hope that you enjoy the new site.

NOTE:  The purpose of this website is information.  As such, we have not yet added the page specific links to products.  This will be done once the informational system is fully in place.

August 4, 2014 - August 30, 2014
As many of you know, the Ancient of Ancient Pathway, your humble host and all around good guy, has studied Voodoo.  But as those of you have asked also know, I do not carry any Voodoo, Hoodoo or other materials such as "Powerful Love Spells" that are often available within this rich and wonderful following and craft.    Recently, I became friends with Zoey Benentt, a well versed and powerful Voodoo Queen.    I have looked over her wares and compared them to my knowledge and found that she is exactly what she says that she is.   To that end, I would like to invite you to take advantage of those items that I choose not to provide due to my personal path.   You may visit her site at Zoey1881 on the WIX Network:

                    Zoey1881 Click the image to Visit Zoey1881 for all your Voodoo Spell needs.

As of August 30, 2014, we have asked Zoey to rewrite the Voodoo section of Ancient Pathway using her extensive experience as a Voodoo Queen.  You will find this information under the Belief section under the main navigation area.

March 30 2014

The time has come!   After some reporting and processing issues with the ZEN Cart Shopping system, we have decided to change to a different shopping cart system instead of going through hours (more) of troubleshooting.   The new shop is up and running and items are being verified and added.    The new 2014 line is loaded and ready for purchase.

For those of you that would like a sneak peek of what is in there without actually entering the shop, here you are!

The Mocking J from Hunger Games

There are many new items coming in and we continue our search for interesting and unique products.
Click the Image to go directly to the shop and check out some of the new products.

Special thanks to our sister company Triumph Media for their help in getting the shop together, testing and running.   If you would like a shop of your own, please contact webmaster@triumphmedia.com

Christopher Klein

What is the purpose of Ancient Pathway?

Ancient Pathway is the culmination of 8 generations of information from the family of Christopher William Klein (the Ancient), databases created by Laura Klein (TreeMom) and stories and life tales from Rowan Dante (TheAncientBard) and Willow Rhiannon (GreatTree).   These 4 together create the base of Ancient Pathway.   The Ancient brings with him 8 generations of knowledge that you will find throughout the site.

Ancient Pathway Family

Ancient Pathway Family

Treemom brings the full arsenal of the Kitchen Witch, Natural Witch and enlightened soul to bear on the postings. The children bring a realistic unbiased view of the world today.  We are a creative family. The Ancient follows a Druidic / Enochian Path, TreeMom follows the path of the Natural Witch seeking balance and enlightenment in all things.  Rowan and Willow, though undecided in their paths, question everything, ask intelligently and bring a well needed creative and inquisitive hope for the future.  

The most important issue with religion and belief today is one of perspective.   Everyone is right and does not want to be, or admit that they could be wrong.  We do not state that out beliefs are right, only that they are right for us.   It is not really important to us what you believe, simply that you believe in something, even if it is a head of lettuce named George or the belief and faith in the self.  Ancient Pathway has been designed as a repository for information.  As you browse through the site, you will find information.  Some of this information may be offensive to you, some you may not agree with.   When dealing with faith and belief, proof is almost always non-existent.   When possible, we have cited our sources, or our reasons for our statements, observations and assumptions.   But this is not always the case.   The author of many of the pages that you will find here is "The Ancient".  And if no citations are provided, you can pretty much bet that the observation is one of "opinion".

The Future of Ancient Pathway

Ancient Pathway is currently working a deal with our sister company, Triumph Media, for several educational and fun computer programs to be added to our stock.  Check back often to see our progress.
These programs include our flagship product "Witch in a box" (to be renamed) which a full and inclusive personal information manager that contains daily education on Pantheon, Divination, Herbology, Crystals, History and holidays.   Estimated development launch is January 2015.

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