The Psychic Pages

When we first hear the word "psychic" our minds usually drift to people who can read minds or possibly move objects with thought.   But there is a lot more to the harnessing and use of psychic abilities than just these.

This section of Ancient Pathway is dedicated to the pursuits and abilities of the mind.   These are not gifts that only a few are endowed with, these are gifts that we all possess and can tap, if we have the will and the discipline to do so.

The big list of psychic ability

Animal Telepathy

Animal Telepathy is a less commonly known ability to communicate telepathically with animals. Also called "pet psychics," these people are claimed to have a psychic connection with the thoughts and feelings of animals. Some people believe that people who excel at training animals tend to have this form of telepathy without realizing it.

Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to cause your conscious awareness to be in a position outside of your physical body. It is also referred to by the literature as an out-of-body experience (OBE). Experiencers of this psychic phenomenon report seeing their body on an operating table and watching events unfold as medical technicians work to revive them. Some experiencers wake up later and, to everyone's astonishment, they are able to describe those details to medical staff.


A Clairvoyant has the ability to see the unseen and know the unknowable.  Where this may include a bit of the ability to see either the near or far future, the more important aspect of the clairvoyant is the ability to see with clarity, non-physical realities or alternate dimensional occurrences.   This can also include the ability to see the aura that surrounds every living (and many non-living) things, as well as energy patterns.   The properly trained Clairvoyant also has the ability to see the astral vehicle of an astral traveler or dream walker.


Where the Clairvoyant has the gift of seeing the unseen, the Clairaudient has the same ability with sound.  They have the ability to hear over a great distance or across dimensional planes of existence.


The third of these type is the Clairsensitive with the ability to feel the energies that the Clairvoyant or Clairaudient can see and hear.   They can touch and manipulate the aura and/or energy fields of life.   This ability give the Clairsensitive a type of "radar" to feel energy from a distance and tell the difference between positive and negative energies.  Most faith healers and energy workers must have some level of Clairsensitivity in order to ferret out the negative energies that they dispose of.


Clairsentience is simply the awareness of a fact or piece of information that is hidden from the psychic. For example, if a psychic met someone for the first time and knew their name, or their birthday, this would be an example of clairsentience.


Dowsing is an age-old art of using rods or sticks to locate objects. This was a technique used for many decades to locate water. Many older folks swear that it works, but no one can really explain why.


Levitation is a rare ability to levitate one's body above the ground. Levitation is reported in many cases of demonic possession, but it's also been reported in other spiritual cases, such as the case of St. Theresa of Avila during the 16th century, when witnesses reported seeing her levitating while she was meditating during mass.


Remote-viewing is a trained ability that is form of astral travel clairvoyance.   The remote-viewer has the ability to view the places, events or other aspects of this world or alternate dimensions through one of two methods.
Method 1:  The remote viewer can use another being, such as a person or animal, and view the events or places through the eyes of that creature.    WARNING: This is an intrusive method and is outside the Wiccan Rede of "Harm None" as this invades another being without consent.
This method is done from a conscious and waking state. 
Method 2:  The second method is done through astral travel from a semi-conscious state.  In the second method of remote viewing, the remote-viewer enters a trance-like state, views the places or events, and reports to onlookers what they are seeing.  This is non-invasive.

Lucid Dreamer and Lucid Projector

Lucid dreaming and lucid projecting are done through a form of astral travel and are discussed fully in the Ancient Pathway Astral Travel pages.


A precognitor has the ability to gather information from possible futures. This is a form of natural or trained divination that allows the precognitor to look into the flowing energies of a human being and see the paths that lay ahead of that person.   It should be emphasized that the precognitor can only gain information about the future as it stands at the time of the reading.  The world, both physical and spiritual, is always in flux, and futures may change up to the last moment.   When a precognitor "reads" a future, they are seeing what will happen if nothing remains unchanged in the life of that person.   The motto of a good precognitor is "If a person is convinced that they are going to die in the morning, they will usually find a way to make that happen."


The Retrocognitor has the ability, natural or trained, to see past lives of a human being or, in some cases, ultra-dimensional lives.   The Retrocognitor, depending on level of training, may be able to pinpoint even names and locations that can then be verified.  


The telepath is the most common form of psychic.  The telepath has the ability to directly, or indirectly though extrapolation of information, read the mind of other people or creatures.   This can include animals or inter-dimensional beings.   Usually, this ability requires direct physical contact or direct line of sight.   The telepath may simply get impressions of thoughts or they may have those thoughts, clear and direct.    By contrast, one who can do this with feelings or emotional states is an Empath, and outside the area of psychic study.


A psychometrist reads the information contained within the energy of beings or objects and learns information about the past, present or future of those objects.   This may be as subtle as a general feeling about those objects or as intense as a full blown vision of where that object has been.   Additionally, when a psychometrist touches and object, they can get impressions about the owner of that object or anyone that has directly handled the object.  This is the form of psychic ability that is used on crime scenes by forward thinking criminal units to recreate criminal actions through touching objects on the scene.


An intuitive is another very common form of psychic.  The intuitive has an advanced form of human intuition that warns them of potential dangers in their path or brings to light potential good actions by the world around them.   This is the ability that we all use from time to time that will warn us of dangers or fall in love at first sight.


The psychographer allows themselves to be "inhabited" by an otherworldly being or inter-dimensional being for the purpose of psychic writing or automatic writing.   This state of inhabitation may be of any form of non-human creature and may or may not provide valid information.


A medium assist beings from non-physical dimensions in crossing into this world for a short time.   Mediums do not allow themselves to be possessed by these creatures, they simply open a door and allow the beings to enter.  These beings may be the dead, spirits, demons, angelics or ultra-dimensional.   Often the beings will have information about the past or the future, or the simply may lie.


An extension of the Medium is the psychophoner which will allow short term possession of themselves to give the other-worldly beings a voice and the ability to act in this dimension.  One advantage of the psychophoner over the Medium is that since they have direct contact with the beings, they can get a "feel" for the honesty or harmfulness of the being while it is in this dimension or realm.

Psychic Surgeon

The psychic surgeon is one who can use their abundance of ectoplasmic energies and/or well developed medium abilities to guide and transmit energies for the purposes of healing.   These surgeons can often address issues that cannot be touched by modern medical science such as inoperable tumors or diseases which, as of yet, have no cure.   The manipulation of energy, a form of faith healing, can extend life and heal illness.


The final form is the Telekinesist, with the ability to move objects within the physical planes or dimension without touching them.   This ability can evolve into phenomena such as locating lost objects, making objects disappear and reappear or produce combustive, electromagnetic, photogenic, mechanic or electrochemical effects. Pyrokinesis refers to the ability to spark fire with the mind. This is a highly specialized form of telekinesis. Just because someone has pyrokinetic ability does not mean that he or she has all forms of Telekinetics.