Reference Materials

The information provided here is for reference use only. It is offered without bias or opinion as to the content. We at Ancient Pathway offer this information for those that would choose to pursue private study.  

In your studies of this information, you will probably find that there is information or references that you don't agree with.  This is especially true in the KJV version of the Holy Bible and the associated comments.  Please keep in mind that MUCH of this information is opinion and is listed as such.   If you have a FACT that needs to be changed, please submit it using the CONTACT US section of this website. 

What is Information?

There are three basic types of information that you can come across when you are looking into any subject.  You can find "facts" which are fully accepted ideas that have been proven over time. You can find "opinions" that are simply a perspective of a person or group of people they may or may not be based on fact. 

 And then, of course, there is "assumption".  This is a much harder classification to deal with.   This is a piece of information that has been, many times, accepted as a verified fact, though no information is available to prove the information.  

You can come across this in any time of research and if very popular in legend and lore, paranormal investigation or historical studies.   At Ancient Pathway, we are very careful to label things as "fact" only when there is a believable and verifiable source of information.   As you can see, the lines between these different types of information can easily blur.

The best practice is to use common sense before arguing in this type of situation.   It is very difficult to change another person to your way of thinking, especially if they fully believe the "fact" of what they are saying.  Making the assumption that you are right and they are wrong, simply because you believe differently is a measure of arrogance.  

When I come across a situation like this, as shown in the sidebar here, I attempt to not only maintain my own value and belief, but also to experience their point of view.   This allows you to grow a human being.  And once in a while, you may find that another way, that is nothing like your belief, may suit you better.

This technique can work in all facets of life, not just the study of metaphysics and religion.   As you are working though the path of life, you may find that simply "stepping into the shoes" of your manager at work may give you and understanding that allows you to see why they act the way that they do.   The same can be said for family and friends.   How many times do you come home from work, frazzled by a hectic day and not be able to understand why your partner or spouse is on edge even though they have been doing nothing all day?  You may not see that the "sitter" did not show up, the car broke down and the plumber had no clue what they were doing when they came by to clean the drain! 

Personal Experience

In my youth, I was traveling though an area of Pennsylvania called "Willow Street".  Though this area is quite modernized for the most part, there are outlying areas that still maintain a very strong presence of both Amish and Mennonite.   At the time, I could not understand the ability to live without "modern" items such as electricity.   During my travels, my car broke down.  I was met on the road by a older Amish farmer who let me stay with him for a few days while my "machine" was repaired.  I gained a very good understanding of the lifestyle, and even learned to enjoy it.