Tools of the Craft

Recently I have received quite a few questions about the use of different types of papers for spell-crafting.   One of the most interesting questions is about making your own paper.   There are many sites that are dedicated to making of your own paper from used newspapers, cardboard or even plant matter such as reeds or onion skin.  What is lacking is that most of these sites suggest that you purchase a (high priced) commerical "mold and deckle".   This can easily stop a paper making project.   To that end, I have created the following page if you would like a mold and deckle for your own paper projects:

Build a mold and deckle

The Basic Tools of the Craft


Sacred to the God. Element of Fire. Double-edged with a black or dark handle. Used to direct the energy raised during rites and spells. Used to call upon the four quarters. The dark handle stores residual energy. Used to open and close the magick circle. A light handled Athame may not be used.


Sacred to the God. Element of Air. A tool of communication and invitation. The God-Goddess may be called to watch the ritual with words and an uplifted wand. Used to direct energy, draw magical symbols or a circle on the ground. A slender wooden rod fashioned from the branch of a tree with a cystal on the tip. The Modern Witch may used a solid crystal Wand without any problems.


Sacred to the Goddess and the God. Element of Water. The broom is a purificatory and protective instrument.
The best style, in my opinion is the "quaker style" long bristle brooms.


Sacred to the God. Element of Air. The censer is an incense burner. Placed upon the altar during rituals and spells. Also may be used during meditations. Each scent is used for a certain purpose.


Sacred to the Goddess. Element of Water. The cauldron is often a focal point of ritual. During spring rites it is sometimes filled with fresh water and flowers. The cauldron should be of iron, resting on three legs, with its opening smaller than its widest part.
Many occult shopes, E-bay and online resources sell 5 inch cauldrons of cast iron. Though these will due for most rituals, I am more interested in a larger version. We here at Ancient Pathway are searching for a distributor of Gallon sized cast iron Cauldrons.


White-Handled Knife

Simply a practical, working knife with a white handle. Used to cut wands or sacred herbs, inscribe symbols onto candles or wood, clay, or wax, and in cutting cords for use in magick. Can also be used to gather flowers for rites.

Crystal Sphere

Sacred to the Goddess. Sometimes placed on the altar to represent the Goddess. May be used to receive messages from the Gods, or to store energy raised in ritual. Periodic exposure to moonlight will increase its ability to spark our psychic powers.

Chalice Cup

Sacred to the Goddess. Element of Water. It is used to hold the wine for blessings.
The can be hand made of oven fireable pottery, purchased, or found. If you try to fire you own, please make sure that you glaze the inside of the cup. This will prevent any toxins that may be in the clay from passing to your liquid.


Sacred to the Goddess and God. Element of Earth. The pentacle is usually a flat piece of brass or wood inscribed with the pentagram. An instrument of protection, or a tool used to evoke spirits. Pentacles are also hung over doors and windows to act as protective devices. It is the centerpiece of the altar.

The Book of Shadows

A Wiccan workbook containing invocations, ritual patterns, spells, and so on. This is the famed "Grimore" of the witch. It is a personal tome of your life as a Witch. It should be passed family member to family memeber so that each generation can learn from the past. If you are solitary, you should try to find someone within the craft to give it to on your passing. On a personal note, my Book of shadows is a collection of 8 generations of my family and the donation of over 100 witches that have honored me with their secrets. It is about 3000 pages long (until I remove the duplicate information). That is where most of my information for this site comes from.


Sacred to the Goddess. A consecrated brass or crystal bell is often used by Witches to signal the beginning and/or close of a ritual or Sabbat, to summon a particular spirit.

Other Altar Tools

Some other tools that can be placed on the altar are items to represent the directions/elements.

For North- element of Earth- you might want to place a stone, dirt, salt, etc...
For East- element of Air- you might want to place a feather, fresh flowers, incense, etc...
For South- element of Fire- you might want to place a small oil lamp, candle, lava rock, etc...
For West- element of Water- you might want to place a seashell, bowl of water, etc...
You might also want to had a Goddess and God candle to your altar. Or symbols that represent the Gods