A Failure

When we started this, we knew the light in which each other basked.

You push, it is your nature.
And I will dominate.
I asked for one thing when first we came together.
I asked for something silly, at least to the world.
I wanted you to share our love with the world.
And let the world know that you would choose to be mine.

I stand here; ready to take you as you want
A collar around your neck and around your heart
But each day, I check for that profession of a bond
And each day, you have failed to provide it.

A simple phrase
I have asked you about it many times
But time does not allow the change

Please my love, give me what I have asked for
So that I can give you what you want.

**Authors note: This change never took place. I asked about it for over a month and then surrendered. I can not be what she wants me to be until this simplest of requests was filled, but perhaps we will be something else.

By Christopher Klein 2008