Dedication: Halfway though my journey of life i found myself on a Cliffside waiting for the coming storm. This is dedicated to all those who; Helped me fight against that storm. Ignored me. And most of all would have pushed me. You have all helped me to grow, either though your silence, your ignorance or by simply offering me a hand up when I had stumbled.


It has been a long road back from the abyss and yet the journey has not been without merit. I have stumbled and i have fell, and this time, alone i have picked myself up from the shattered dreams that were caused not by myself, but my faith and trust in others.
Though this faith and trust was not unfounded, my belief that others could do what they thought they could. This is my error. But in the end, i came out older and wiser. And i have learned. For those that know me, you will understand, for those that do not, you may understand. For those that are coming to know me or know me again, these lessons are well learned by all.

I stood on a cliff side watching the coming storm, and i took no action until it overtook me. I bared my chest to this storm and it almost devoured me. But as it passed I stood my flesh torn asunder, soul hungry and exhausted. But I knew that this storm had passed and that i would recover. The wind and rain left behind bittersweet memories of failure and words that I can not forget.
Do not fight against the storm, for the storm will overtake you if you stand your ground. You have no choice but to bend as it strikes and ride it out like a ship tossed on the ocean by the mighty Poseidon. Only though temperance and understanding can you come though unscathed and whole. I stood against this storm and it almost destroyed me. Next time, I know to bend.
If you must break, break fully, odd advice from one who seeks balance, but by allowing yourself to break, you can rebuild anew with a new path and new eyes to show you the way.

Do not mock life by trying to be a seeker of the old and the times when duty and honor meant something, if you yourself do not hold to these virtues. Do not crave the times of Lords and Ladies unless you are able to hold true to dedication, devotion, honor and respect. If you are unable to weather the storm and stand by those you love, then hide indoors safe and protected. Your scars will be lessened but the loss will be greater. These are the choices we all must make, and some are more able to fight than others.

We all will become what we hate before the end of our travels. Be careful who or what you look down upon, for before you path changes, you will become this thing that you speak so poorly of. This is the path of karma. It amazed me to see the one that I have held above all others change into the one that she saved me from. But living for others is not a way to live, even if this is what they say they don't want while craving it all along. As you journey though the path of life, be true to yourself, for all others will fail you unless you choose to walk together, work together, love together and watch for pitfalls, carrying one another as you stumble. Should you stray during these times of need, you prove yourself to yourself and to those around you.

When these pitfalls arise, you can choose to ignore them and flounder, failure driving at you. Or you can rage against the coming of the storm putting everything you believe in on the line. Either path can lead to success or failure. But it is the way that you choose that will show what you are and how dedicated you are to those around you. And in these choices you will find the way to either the end or the beginning.
In the past, i have chosen ignorance. To avoid and ignore those things that would try to tear me down; huddled within myself, a scared child eyes wide with each clap of thunder. I chose silence over voicing my opinion and inaction over rage. And this has brought me to where I am. Cracked but not broken. Never again will i lay dormant, caught within myself. I challenge the Gods to bring to me the storm, for I am what I am and shall rage with all the venom within me against the coming of the night, and when dawn breaks, I may stand alone... but I WILL stand!