Breaking the Walls

Dedication: This poem is dedicated to the one that I walked away from who gave me a second chance. And then, due to my failures had to walk away from me.

Breaking the walls

Whirlwinds fill the air. A light crashes through the darkness and she is there. Never could I have imagined that a creature such as her could exist. I was born in flame and tempered with white heat of my existence. This is what formed the steel sword that I have become and that this Angel found herself against. No substance, however hard, could find a way to dull my sharp edge. I had created around me, and impenetrable shell. Then she came. Nothing special, or so I thought. She drilled through my defenses like the sunshine through the storm clouds after a summer rain. She captured me. Her thoughts were like the northern lights on a winters' eve. Warm and mysterious. Her voice was sweet candy to tempt me away from the securities of my walls. Her delicate hand in mine letting me know that everything would be alright and her sweet tender kiss would be the envy of any man alive. But she was mine for such a short time. Thunder through the light of our love filled the air as the sky plummeted into darkness. The cold returned with a vengeance like the opening of a flood gate holding back a mighty river. She was gone. What could have done to stop it? Another man I could fight against and perhaps conquer. But the same God that told me that it was right to hold her has told her that it was wrong. Was I just hearing what I wanted to hear? Or was she? I want to lash outward. I want to replace this pain with hatred and drive my enemy onward. But that too is denied to me. There is a calm in the darkness, like the passing of something. I want to stay her friend, but that is not meant to be. I feel betrayal in the wind. If I could talk to her, I could show her that there is a chance that she is wrong. But that is not my right. We both felt so much. So many things that felt right, how could they all be wrong? I am fighting a power greater than I am. Not God, but the demons that live within us all. I know that we were right to fall in love. But I love her enough to let her walk away from me. She has found the answer that she knows is right and I have no choice but to let her go. Sometimes, no matter what the outcome, you cannot make the fight. And that is where I stand.