Dying of the Light

Dedication: As I sit and wait for the changing of life, what will be around the turn to come very soon, I sit in reflection of failure and loss. This thought is dedicated to one that was dear to me. Honesty is hard at times, more so when it is to yourself. And these admissions are something that i did not want to face, but as life changes, i find that I must put this down, for my sanity, and the sanity of those around me. All truth is perspective, and this is my way of seeing the world.

the Dying of the light

Things have come full circle.
The world is open to me in a way that i never could have dreamed, and i look at this world, and should revel in the wonders that lay ahead.
But part of me is stuck in the past.
I have spoken to others and told them of the dangers of walking though life backwards, not watching the road ahead, but I do not follow this myself. And I ask myself why.
I search my past, the one who saved me, by her heritage, my life is hers and only she could hand it back to me. When I gave her that option, she refused.
Now I stumble forward, without a "good luck" or a "best wishes" and I know that the choices that I have made are for the best.
Within these thoughts, i see a dying of the light within me. but this is not a sad time, it is a time to rejoice, for with the dying of this light, another light, burning brightly has found its way to me.
So I make my choices and stand my ground. Let the world rage, and I will not fall to fear.