I have been given choices in my life, but none that weigh so heavily on what I have to choose now.

You are here, but distant. We have drifted apart.

You have no idea the depth of love that I have shared with you, because you refuse to see.

And then there is faith.

I can join my world and do things for good, but the cost may be you. And that is a price that I am not sure I am willing to pay. I wait and want for a sign that you need me. But that sign does not come. I need you so much and just a word would keep me here. But you will not speak that word.

I am begging you, please show me that you need me, that you want me, that there is desire within your heart. Ask me to stay and I will turn my back on my faith and I will be yours.

I drop to my knees and renounce my faith, but you are distant, your mind on other things. You can not see that the faith that I have is in you.