First Encounters

You do not really know me yet, though we have spent weeks together
And I do not know you.
The time that we have had, has been in a virtual world.
Surreal and plastic
Electronic impulses scattered across a computer highway

When first we came together, we were not shy, not afraid
That is unlike me. I do not know if it is unlike you.
We kissed
We touched
We experienced

The world unfolded.

We took one another, no thoughts of reservation or fear.
This is something new.
I am the cautious one.

Our bodies came together, the passion and carnal lust was beyond anything I had ever experience in my lifetime.

Now I am in the afterglow and watching you sleep. I can see your eyes flutter, your breasts heave upward as you breath. You are cooing gently in the breaking of dawn.
I dare not dream of love.

I think of this first night together, and shall cherish it forever. I pray to my gods that this is not the end, but the beginning of a journey that will echo though time.

The feel of you
The scent of you
The taste of you
Forever burned in my mind

And I am thankful that the world has brought you to me.