Game of Truth

Dedication: To Andrea for all the thoughts that i would never act on out of respect for you and for her.

The Game of Truth

I would like to play the game of truth with you.
I long to tell you what I would like to do with you.
I want to spoil you.
I want to spoil your mind and your body and your soul.
I want to tease and tickle your body
Until you scream out for satisfaction.
And then I will satisfy you.
I want to massage your entire body entire body
Until it tingles and cries out with exhilaration.
I want to whisper softly into your ear
All the words that you want to hear
The words that you need
The words that you desire.
I want to treat you like an Angel.
I want to treat you like a woman.
I want to treat you like a tramp.
I want you to feel like a Goddess and a woman and a child.
All at the same time.
I want to lift your spirit high enough that you can look down
On the heavens and soar with the legendary phoenix.
I want you to feel the power in my soul and the passions in my heart.
I want you to cry in joy at the memories of the time
That we spend together.
I want to look into your eyes and see the passions that burn
Deep within you.
I want you to look at me and see a God and a child.
I want you to wonder what mysteries are left for the world to unfold
And then help you to discover those wonders.
I want to help your wildest fantasies reach fulfillment.
I want you to know that they world is unreal and all that really exists
Are you and me and the sweet passions that we share.
Let me take you to that private world that is only meant for the likes
Of us. The poets and the dreamers and the lovers and the fools.
Can you really pass this up?
What if I can really do the thing that I believe?