Poetry of Ancient Pathway

Poetry is one of the ways to see into the internal thoughts of a person.   The words within a poem can take you deep enough to see hell or rise you high enough to look down on the ages.  They can be in prose, where everything rymes or words connected in a way to make you think.

The Ancient Pathway collection is part of an ongoing project that started with the Book Ancient Steel Flames available on Amazon.  

The Poems

The Poems of Christopher Klein

New Beginnings The day we met First Encounters A Failure Different Worlds
You Danced The Measure of Love Shadows of Sir Him Faith
Betrayal Three Little Words Blogish Breaking the Walls Butterflies
Caverns Change Your Mind Coming of the Dawn Curiosity Deception
Did I Miss You Did You Know Different Paths Do You Do Not Worry
Do You Remember Me Dreams Dripping Thoughts Dying of the Light Earthbound Angel
Endings Flying Friends and Lovers Friendship Game of Truth
Going Back Hearing Colors Hello Love Hello Again Human
Hurt If I Call  In Friendship Jazzman Just a Thought
Life Goes Living Shakespeare Long Live the Frog Looking Back Love
Love Hurts Love and Hatred Memories Minds Eye Missing Me
My World Never Poet Preaching Promises
Promises Kept Random Thoughts Searching in Darkness Shattered Lives Shooting for the Moon
Should I Tell Sitting Sleeping So Cold So Many Things to Love
Still Silly Strangers Stupid Sweet Summer Love Teasing
Thank You The Babe The Fire The Mountain There is a Place
There is Blood Things for a Lifetime Those Eyes of Blue Thoughts To be Human
To Care To Fall in Love To Kiss To Love You To Say Goodbye
To Write Trapped by Words Wanting You Watching Through Windows What and Why
What Did We Have What do I Feel What Drives Me What Happens What I Believe
What I want What is this Feeling What Will We Be When Will the Time Come Why do You Love Me
Writing You Say Youth Youth II