The Babe

Dedication: Christine you were my angel for a time. And this is for you.

The devil was there with all his fallen angels
The day the babe was born.
A sweet little girl.
The devil looked upon the babe.
“I want her among my host”
An angel she became so that she could fall
The spirit from beyond
Came to the call of the Lord
And to do his bidding.
The spirit appeared to the babe
To carry her to the light of heavens’ redemption.
But the devil arose and swept the child down.
Perhaps she was innocent
And perhaps she was not.
And perhaps she did not want to be.
So she took the hand of a beautiful demon
From the depths of time and space.
And they began their course.
As they traveled through the paths of time,
A wall arose and tore them asunder.
Could it be passed through? Or broken down?
None would know, for none would tell.
What their ending could be