The Mountain

I stand on a mountain; looking outward
I take a deep breath, but not one of relief
One of resolve.
I close my eyes
Just one step forward and the pain would cease
Just one step
Just one step
Images fill my mind
A life without purpose
A life without cause
Just a life.
Nothing would be left behind
Nothing would be lost
I would not be remembered
Words clutter my thoughts.
All lost to an abyss within me
There is no absolution
I am resigned!
But that step can not be made
Out of cowardice, I stand
Hope rings in and I hear a voice
Quite unexpected
A small voice, angelic and sweet
"you have always told me that it is darkest before the dawn"
This small voice sings
"did you lie?"
This voice inquires
"have you lost all faith?"
This voice accuses
"do you not know love?"
This voice attacks
"look now and see the coming of the dawn"
I open my eyes
I find faith
I find hope
I find love
I can see forever
I can see eternity
All in the coming of the dawn and one small voice in the night.