Those Eyes of Blue

Dedication: To Katrina from Castle Dracula in Wildwood NJ. We were friends but I loved those eyes of yours.

Those eyes of blue

Those eyes of blue
I look at you and I wonder what secrets you hide from the world.
What magic and mysteries are held away behind those eyes of blue?
At times I see you as a child with the world ahead of you.
And then at times I see you as a woman, so confident and sure of your path.
I have seen you angry and the way that you try to hide it.
I have seen you happy and the way that you share it with those around you.
There is something that draws people to you.
And you don’t even know it.
There is something about you that tells people to beware.
But they still never listen.
Of all the secrets that you hide, there is one that you can not.
And of that I am happy.
You are my friend.