Trapped By Words

When you speak words, they carry weight.
A misspoken statement of jest or joke, can lead to a permanent scar on someone.
While words of love spoken lightly can keep a heart pining forever.
But words spoken in faith, can destroy lives.
To sell your being for another is foolishness.
To swear love eternal without knowing another’s heart is folly.
And when you swear these words in exchange for your heart’s desire,
You may find yourself alone due to the trivial whims of another.
This is my blessing and this is my curse.
In my life I have sworn an oath to Gia herself.
To right the wrongs and bring the path to one that I expected.
And she fulfilled this desire.
But the one that I spoke these words of, was not really mine.
She lacked the strength of conviction.
She lacked the passion of heart.
She lacked the depth that I gave to her.
And in the end, she turned from me, to pursue greener pastures.
But my bond with The Great Goddess is mine to bear.
To think of her daily.
To want for her.
To need her.
Until my end of days.
I have asked myself many times the worth of such and oath.
And I can not say that I would travel this same path again, should the option arise.