What and Why

Dedication: This is for Angie. A wild ride that was never meant to be.

What and why

What and why
What made us find each other? We shouldn’t have.
What made you talk to me? You should have never seen me.
What made me answer you? I do not do that kind of thing.
What made you call me? It was against your better judgement.
Why did I give you my number? I can’t believe I did that.
Why did we talk for so long? It should have been short and sweet.
Why did you ask me to see you? You knew that it would end.
Why did I come? I knew that we were not meant to be.
Why did we kiss? That was not supposed to happen.
Why did we fall in love? That was against all odds.
So many questions that defy all reason.
But here we are.
Now we are a little afraid, no longer that we were wrong,
But that we could be right.