What Drives Me

Dedication: Andrea. Forever at arms distance, I never took you, though you made it clear that i could. We were better friends than we ever could have been lovers.

What drives me?

I do not know what it is that drives me
To think the things that I do.
But when you smile
Something happens in my mind.
This is not love that I feel.
Of that I am sure.
It is something more than lust.
And something less than love.
I do not know if it is right or wrong.
But please my friend
Do not push me away for my fantasies.
For I would never act on them.
Unless you asked me to.
I would never tempt you into something
That you did not want to experience.
I do not know why I tell you the things that I do.
But I do want you to know
That you have a special place in my dreams.
A place where unicorns run
Under a purple sky
And the stars will tell you of the magick
Of the world.