What I Believe

I believe that…
Life is too short to cry about the past.
All things will come together with time.
The best thing in life is a warm kitten on an autumn morning.
Reality is in the mind.
No fate is ever set in stone.
If it wiggles, tie it down.
If it cries, pamper it.
If it runs, let it go.
Nothing is forever.
Death is a state of mind.
Hairballs can be fun, but only if you know what to do with them.
The world is a beautiful place, but only if you are blind.
If you want to solve the worlds’ problems, ask a child.
Mankind is a lower life form.
The eyes are the mirrors of the soul.
Freedom can be gained through patience.
Cats can see ghosts.
Computers will eventually take over the world.
Photographers can see life the way it should be.
Pain is a mind builder.
Fear is a mind killer.
A butterfly can speak to you, but only if you listen.
Poetry is the key to the heart.
Mountains are the Angels playground.
But most of all I believe that anything can be accomplished if you set your heart to it.