What Will We Be

So many thoughts all coming together at once.
Will I be what you want me to be?
Will you look at me and see someone that you might want to spend time with?
I am not sure.
But this much I do know.
We all have our dreams.
And that does not mean that they will not happen.
That just means that we have not tried to make them come true yet.
But you and I are walking the lathe of dreams.
Captured somewhere between the will and what will be.
Perhaps we will smile and talk and laugh and that will be the end of it.
No connection.
Perhaps we will smile and talk and laugh and see that our reality
Pales in the light of the dreams and that will be that.
But perhaps…
We could smile and laugh the nervousness away, our arms embracing one another
And then our lips coming together for the first of many times.
As we start a long journey together, waiting to see hose this story that we have begun
Will come to an end.
For better or for worse, we will never know…
Until we give it a try.