When Will The Time Come

I sit and wonder to myself when the time will come.

I offered emotion, dedication, love.
The emotions of been turned to a viscous fluid, dragging my heart to despair.
The dedication has been refused with the words “I tried”.
The love has been spoiled like forgotten grapes on the vine of life.
I offered myself with my hopes, my dreams, my desire and my faults.
The hopes have been dashed on the rocks of her ocean.
The dreams have been turned to failed nightmares of pain and blood.
The desires laughed at and ignored like one turns their back on a wanting child.
My faults, judged and executed.
But this was not enough.
I offered faith and trust.
The faith has been shattered, lost though time and space.
The trust misplaced as she took another in a moment of lost judgement.

But I can now admit that I was wrong.
I should not have offered this mynx the dedication of a lifetime. For that was not the want and need within her life. Not wanting one to hold her and comfort her. Not wanting someone to grow with her and old together. Not wanting a soft touch, appreciation of the power of what she is and can be.
These are not the needs of this lost soul.

This woman, the angelic soul is happy to be the plaything of man. To be taken for a night, pressed against to and into with passion but not love. She finds contentment in taking those that belong to others and letting the pierce her, a moments glory and passion.

When will the time come when she can accept what I have offered?

That does not matter. I am lost to her now. She has ground me into dust, more so than any other has ever done, including the one that she saved me from. I offered her everything that I am and she walked away with a moment tear and a new life.

When the time comes when she will see what was offered, I hope that she mourns what has passed and cries the pain that I have carried.